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Do Brain Injuries Affect Women Differently?

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Anyone can suffer a brain injury in a serious accident. These injuries are often caused by a jolt to the head or penetration of the skull that impairs the brain’s functions. They frequently occur in auto accidents, falls, construction accidents,…


Health Care System Causing Dangerous Burnout Among Doctors and Nurses

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Changes in the nation’s health care system are taking a physical, emotional, and psychological toll on doctors, nurses, and other clinicians, who show “substantial symptoms of burnout,” according to a National Academy of Medicine report published in October. Burnout affects…


New List Reveals Serious Issues at Indiana Nursing Homes

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The federal government has always mandated certain standards that nursing homes are expected to follow, and government officials conduct inspections to ensure those standards are being upheld. However, when certain nursing homes have been found to not be complying with…