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Four area nurses are facing serious allegations by the state Attorney General’s Office, which has filed complaints with the state board of nursing. The nurses, from Muncie and surrounding communities, face sanctions from the board for a variety of offenses.

According to the Muncie Star Press, one nurse, employed by Fayette Regional Medical Center in Connersville, is accused of showing up to work under the influence of alcohol. When the nurse exhibited slurred speech and a staggering gait, a patient asked that she not return to his room. It was then that the hospital gave the nurse a breath test, indicating her blood alcohol content was .288%. She was fired.

Another nurse, who worked in home health care, was found to be falsifying time sheets. His deceptions were discovered when a supervisor began shadowing him when he was alleged to be at patients’ homes. He was also let go.

A nurse in the Muncie Health Care and Rehabilitation nursing home was hired nearly two years ago despite being unlicensed. The same nurse went on to work at The Woodlands Nursing Home in Muncie.

Finally, another accused nurse was convicted of failing to stop after colliding with a police officer on a bicycle. The cop later died.

These cases have all been referred to the state board of nursing, a regular practice. Though these personnel are no longer caring for the sick or the elderly, they were for a time, and the unspoken question is “are there others like them caring for unsuspecting patients right now?”

Whether you are staying in a hospital or have a loved one in a nursing home, you expect the medical staff to be held to the highest standard of professionalism. When they are not—whether they are intoxicated or negligent—it can not only cause you mental stress, but it can lead to mistakes that can result in serious injury and potentially change your life.

Medical mistakes, nursing home neglect, and even abuse are more likely to be committed when an establishment doesn’t hold their staff to high standards. Fortunately, if you are harmed by the mistakes of a nurse, a doctor, or the administration who oversees them, you could be entitled to compensation.

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