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Baker & Gilchrist is celebrating 20 years of leading people through the law. The Indiana medical malpractice attorneys are proud to offer their clients strategic legal solutions and thoughtful representation in medical malpractice claims. The firm has more than 60 years of combined experience in litigation, so its attorneys have the skills and knowledge to hold health care providers accountable when medical malpractice occurs.

The firm believes that everyone deserves to receive quality medical service. The firm is ready to help patients who experience medical malpractice due to negligent health care personnel. Its medical malpractice lawyers in Indiana are committed to guiding their clients through malpractice claims.

Baker & Gilchrist is run by responsible and competent Indiana medical malpractice attorneys who will fight for the legal rights of injured clients. With just a call, the dedicated attorneys are available to evaluate whether a patient has a medical malpractice claim. They know that suffering injuries from medical malpractice is a stressful and challenging situation for clients and their families. Because of that, the firm develops smart legal solutions to take pressure off their clients.

The firm’s knowledgeable malpractice lawyers in Indianapolis help clients seek a fair and full payment for the losses they have suffered. The firm’s compassionate team wants to help patients to pursue the compensation that they deserve after a devastating medical injury. They aim to provide high-quality assistance for clients and their families.

Baker & Gilchrist has Indiana malpractice lawyers who work with integrity and respect. They use a holistic and personal approach to help clients seek the maximum compensation that they deserve. They will thoroughly evaluate the client’s medical records and injury to determine what happened and who should be held liable.

The firm offers free case reviews for patients who believe they have been the victim of medical malpractice. The firm also works with professional doctors to study medical records and evaluate claims. Baker & Gilchrist implements careful planning to provide effective legal solutions and trusted legal advice for patients who have been harmed.

The firm is proud to provide high-quality legal representation to victims of medical malpractice. Baker & Gilchrist continues to develop strategies to improve its legal services. The firm is proud to receive referrals from satisfied clients.

About Baker & Gilchrist

Baker & Gilchrist has been serving the community for 20 years, providing strong representation for clients in medical malpractice claims. The dedicated attorneys are ready to offer support for those who suffer from hospital malpractice, medical malpractice, as well as nursing home abuse or neglect.

The firm has a professional team of skillful Indiana medical malpractice attorneys who want the best for their clients. They persevere in helping people demand justice in serious medical malpractice cases.

For more information about Baker & Gilchrist, visit https://www.bakerandgilchrist.com/ or email RBaker@bakerandgilchrist.com or CGilchrist@bakerandgilchrist.com.


The injury attorneys at Baker & Gilchrist take great pride in helping injured people when their injuries occur due to someone else’s negligent, careless, or reckless actions. With over 60 years of combined litigation experience, we can offer you the knowledge and assistance necessary to help you win the compensation you rightfully deserve for your injuries.