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Nursing Home Neglect


New List Reveals Serious Issues at Indiana Nursing Homes

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Nursing Home Neglect

The federal government has always mandated certain standards that nursing homes are expected to follow, and government officials conduct inspections to ensure those standards are being upheld. However, when certain nursing homes have been found to not be complying with…


Does Some Short-Term Rehab Care Actually Harm Patients?

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Nursing Home Neglect
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The New York Times (NYT) reports that many nursing homes are offering more amenities in an effort to attract patients that are in need of short-term rehabilitation. Short-term care can be a good option for a convalescing elderly person who…


Identity Theft in Nursing Homes

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Nursing Home Neglect

Identity theft is an extremely prevalent problem throughout the country, with the Bureau of Justice Statistics reporting that 7% of households, almost 8.6 million total, experienced some form of identity theft victimization in 2010. This staggering number is exceeded by…


Common Instances of Hospital Negligence

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Medical Malpractice Law, Nursing Home Neglect

Not only are hospitals responsible for hiring experienced and skilled doctors and nurses so that patients receive proper care at all times, but these hospitals are also responsible for the actions of each medical professional they employ. When a patient…


Local South Bend News Goes After Nursing Home Abuses

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Nursing Home Neglect
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A local news station has spotlighted problems with nursing home care in the area after learning that our state is “one of the worst offenders in the nation for serious healthcare deficiencies against the elderly.” Daryl Bjoraas with ABC57 says…


Study: Cataract Surgery Prevents Hip Fractures

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Nursing Home Neglect

When you have a loved one in a nursing home, you hope and trust that all of the best medical care is right there at their fingertips, available because they pay to have care immediately available. You also hope that…