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Identity theft is an extremely prevalent problem throughout the country, with the Bureau of Justice Statistics reporting that 7% of households, almost 8.6 million total, experienced some form of identity theft victimization in 2010. This staggering number is exceeded by a study run by Experian recently which indicated that 11% of individuals over 65 years of age have had their identity stolen. This occurs due to a number of factors, and can have an enormous impact on the financial security of the elderly.

Factors Contributing to Nursing Home Identity Theft

Seniors, especially those who reside in nursing homes, are especially vulnerable to identity theft from their caretakers for the following reasons:

  • Seniors typically possess much higher cash reserves and equity in their homes than younger potential victims, making them more profitable targets.
  • Some seniors do not pay as close attention to their credit card statements and financial accounts as other age groups do.
  • As a whole, seniors are generally less technologically adept than other targets and less likely to detect fraud or identity theft.
  • The personal information of nursing home residents is readily available to caretakers.

The effects of these acts can be devastating for the victims, and without proper insurance or protection, it is possible for huge amounts of cash and equity to be wiped out extremely quickly, making financial independence an impossibility for an individual already struggling to receive effective and necessary daily care.

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