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A local news station has spotlighted problems with nursing home care in the area after learning that our state is “one of the worst offenders in the nation for serious healthcare deficiencies against the elderly.” Daryl Bjoraas with ABC57 says that over the past year, around 5,185 complaints of inadequate care have been filed against Indiana nursing homes.

The transgressions vary from missed medications to neglect and unsanitary environments. At one local nursing home, a patient was sexually abused. Just days after, another patient in the same home was left without their medication for 11 days, having untold potential medical effects.

In an effort to get answers for the problems in local nursing homes, Bjoraas called around — and received no response. No one wanted to speak with him. Then, he tried visiting homes like the Ironwood Health and Rehab Center, Cardinal Nursing and Rehab, the Milton Home, and Southfield Village, where he asked them all about specific violations. They all turned him away.

Residents Get Good Care or Bad Care

Nursing home officials referred Bjoraas to public relations personnel or simply told him they weren’t willing to talk. While the news media may seem put off by this answer to their probing questions—patients and family members with safety, nursing home abuse and neglect, or medical malpractice concerns frequently encounter this sort of indifference.

According to ABC57.com, “We were curious why this area had so many problems, we reached out to Brian Lee, Executive Director for Families For Better Care, a nursing home advocacy group.”

“Residents whether they get good care or bad care, the nursing home operators are going to get paid regardless,” said Lee.

It’s a sad day when the bottom line of a company is more important than the care they provide. But for many who are hurt by the system, this is exactly how it feels: that the nursing home or care facility doesn’t particularly care as long as they are paid.

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