medical mistakes caused by inexperienced physicians

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Although the US Preventive Task Force recommends that anyone between the ages of 50 and 75 be screened for colon cancer, The American Journal of Gastroenterology reported in its March issue a recent study which found that the more colonoscopy’s a physician performs during the day the less likely they are to discover potentially cancerous polyps.

In fact, the most colonoscopies performed by the physicians in the study was twelve and that, on average, by the twelfth procedure the physician would miss almost half of the number of polyps discovered during the first hour. This study is another example of how physicians are not immune to the same factors which lead to errors in other jobs in society.

Therefore, it is important for the medical community to begin to implement known safety protocols to prevent the tens of thousands of errors which result in injury and death every year in the United States due to medical negligence. Until that day arrives every patient and their family members must be diligent in doing all they can to first ensure they are receiving the appropriate care.

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