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New List Reveals Serious Issues at Indiana Nursing Homes

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Nursing Home Neglect

The federal government has always mandated certain standards that nursing homes are expected to follow, and government officials conduct inspections to ensure those standards are being upheld. However, when certain nursing homes have been found to not be complying with…


How to Reduce Radiology Errors (and Unnecessary Surgeries)

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Medical Malpractice Law

Imagine having a CT scan or MRI that indicated you needed expensive and painful back surgery, only to find out later that the surgery was unnecessary. That is exactly what workers at Walmart were experiencing, according to company officials, who…


What Is the Difference Between a Medical Assistant and a Registered Nurse?

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Medical Malpractice Law
whistleblower protection for nurses

Do you think you suffered an injury due to the negligence of a medical assistant or registered nurse? You could be owed compensation if their actions failed to meet an acceptable standard of care, causing you serious harm as a…


Is a Pharmacist a Doctor?

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Medical Malpractice Law
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While pharmacists are required to hold a doctoral degree in pharmacy, they are not medical doctors or physicians. There are several differences between the two professions, including what they are legally allowed to do. Doctor vs. Pharmacist Doctors have a…


Indianapolis Hospital Malpractice Attorneys at Baker & Gilchrist Hold Hospitals Accountable for Their Actions

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Baker and Gilchrist News
Baker & Gilchrist Law Firm(1)

The Indianapolis hospital malpractice lawyers at Baker & Gilchrist hold hospitals accountable for their actions and have successfully filed malpractice claims against most major hospital groups in Indiana.  The attorneys at Baker & Gilchrist have more than 60 years of…


Patient Notification for Abnormal Imaging Results

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Medical Malpractice Law
Doctor misread X-rays

Patients sometimes have to undergo certain imaging procedures such as x-rays, CTs, mammograms, brain scans, MRIs, and more. These diagnostic procedures help doctors and radiologists determine whether there is something abnormal in a person’s body. No one wants to hear…


With Over 60 Years of Litigation Experience, Baker & Gilchrist Offers Indiana Residents Skilled Medical Malpractice Representation

Posted by Dwayne Deziel in Baker and Gilchrist News

Baker & Gilchrist provides medical malpractice representation to the residents of the state of Indiana. With over 60 years of combined litigation experience, the firm’s medical malpractice lawyers are ready to fight for the rights of patients who have suffered…


FYI: Medical Abbreviations Can Lead to Errors

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Medical Malpractice Law
Medical Abbreviations can be scary

Have you ever tried to read a prescription from your doctor and wondered if it was written in a foreign language? You are not alone. Aside from poor penmanship, medical abbreviations can make any type of notes from a doctor…


Baker & Gilchrist Celebrates 20 Years of Leading People Through the Law

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Baker and Gilchrist News

Baker & Gilchrist is celebrating 20 years of leading people through the law. The Indiana medical malpractice attorneys are proud to offer their clients strategic legal solutions and thoughtful representation in medical malpractice claims. The firm has more than 60…


CDC: 700 Pregnancy-Related Deaths Occur Each Year; 60% Are Preventable

Posted by Baker & Gilchrist in Medical Malpractice Law
700 Pregnancy-Related Deaths Occur Each Year

The birth of a child should be one of the happiest moments of a woman’s life. Sadly, for some women, problems related to pregnancy or birth can lead to the end of a life rather than the start of a…