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The myths surrounding medical malpractice law are often perpetuated by the medical establishment to their benefit. These myths often make attorneys concerned with medical justice look like “ambulance chasers,” and dissuade people with legitimate medical concerns from coming forward.

As medical malpractice attorneys that have worked to handle a wide range of cases with clients from all walks of life, we know medical malpractice cases are about justice, dignity and prevention. They are about righting wrongs and are rarely, if ever, pursued solely for financial benefit.

The myths go something like this:

  • All medical malpractice claimants are money-hungry.
  • Juries can’t possibly be fair in medical malpractice cases because the cases are too complex.
  • These cases involve negligible injuries that don’t warrant the effort they are given.
  • Patients in general are looking for a way to capitalize on doctors’ mistakes and don’t trust their physicians.

There are many more, but you get the gist. In writing on the same topic last year, blogger Maggie Mahar of the Health Care Blog remarked on numerous studies that shattered these myths. And yet, the myths remain.

Despite what the medical establishment would have you think, these aren’t “slam-dunk” cases where the plaintiff makes off with millions and the poor doctor is left with higher and higher insurance premiums. In fact, in Indiana, because awards for victims of malpractice are capped, there are some victims of malpractice that are not able to receive full compensation.

These cases involve careful and educated consideration, cautious action, and realistic expectations on the part of the victims and their attorneys.

Most often, these cases are pursued by people who suffered significant injury at the hands of a competent physician or hospital. The mistake may have been in procedural deficiencies or a breakdown of communication, but it was a mistake that caused significant injury—physical, mental, and financial.

The plaintiff in a medical malpractice case rarely is “in it for the money.” They, instead, are in it to make things right and often hope that by pursuing a claim, it may keep the same thing from happening to someone else.

More than the money to pay bills or cover costs for future treatment, clients in a successful medical malpractice claim feel vindicated because they were judged as being right in the eyes of the law—they received some recognition that their harm was real and significant and they may have made a difference. And this sense of justice—not the money– is what medical malpractice law is about.

Indiana Medical Malpractice Attorneys

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