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State and federal law enforcement officers executed a search warrant on a doctor in Harrison County after six patients died from drug overdoses, according to news reports, which noted the doctor is an obstetrician and gynecologist practicing in Corydon, Indiana.

An investigation was launched when the state was alerted that the doctor was writing an “unusually high number of narcotic prescriptions for Medicaid patients,” according to the IndyStar.com.

Charges haven’t been filed yet, according to Harrison County Prosecutor Otto Schalk, but the investigation is ongoing.

Prescription drugs can be highly dangerous and even habit-forming. The prescription drug trade has grown in recent years, and some doctors have crossed from lawfully and ethically prescribing dangerous drugs to careless and even criminal prescription-writing practices.

You trust your doctor to know how much of a drug you can safely take. Things like your level of pain, the drug of choice, and your health all play a role in how much of a particular medicine you are prescribed. Too little, and it won’t be effective. Too much, and it could be fatal.

We trust medical professionals with our lives, whether we are going under the knife for surgery or going in for a routine exam. When they violate this trust, whether through a medical mistake or a prescription error, they must be held accountable.

However, not all prescription errors are made by the physician. If a pharmacy dispenses the wrong medication, the wrong dosage, or provides the wrong instructions, then this could also result in an adverse effect that can cause serious injury or even death.

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