How Is It Determined If My Medical Malpractice Case Has Merit

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Medical malpractice claims are difficult and complicated. We have found that in order to help you determine whether or not you have a meritorious claim, it’s important to go through several steps. First, we will obtain the medical records that we think are important in order to assess the claim. Then the attorney will look at them, but we also have them reviewed by a nurse. Next, if we determine that we think there is a need for further investigation, then we will hire an expert. This is typically a doctor who has expertise in the area of medicine that we are investigating.

Once we’ve gone through these steps, if we believe your case has merit, then we will guide you through the process of what we need to do in order to pursue your claim. Sometimes we find that it doesn’t make sense to pursue a claim on your behalf. If that’s the case, we’ll be honest with you. At Baker & Gilchrist, we found that if we investigate a claim both early and thoroughly, it can make a difference in increasing the chances of success for our clients.

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